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All Lanco Toys are natural and biodegradable. We have a green production process structured in handwork phases that leaves a negligible pollution footprint. We hope to encourage children to develop a connection with nature and art to build a sustainable society through the language of playing.


Art & Nature embodied in a toy

Lanco Toys is a family business founded in 1952 in Barcelona as the first European brand of natural rubber toys. Our founder Alfredo Benet, was an artist captivated by the creative possibilities and artisanal character of natural rubber. He found its softness and elasticity magical and loved the fact that it had a natural life: it leaves no footprint in the planet for future generations.

​Artisans for a slow living

Natural rubber is our teacher and inspiration: its properties require a handmade approach, a respect towards the timings of nature and an understanding of imperfection as uniqueness. Each toy is unique and unrepeatable, as we humans are.

Natural rubber: a better world

Lanco toys are exclusively made of pure natural rubber. This natural material comes from Hevea trees. We love natural rubber for being an alternative to plastic: Lanco Toys have a life, as everything created by nature.

Toys with a life

Sustainability since our origins: how could we offer toys that would compromise our babies future? Artisans and Nature are our creators; we respect and take care of them. 

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