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Your PhysioCarrier JPMBB Black Cotton pocket Iris is one of the best Seller I wear My baby. The preformed JPMBB assure you of beautiful walks, up to 4 years approximately.

The strong point of your Physiocarrier Iris: the small pocket of aeration, ideal for the summer heat and its quality of manufacture.

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AED 250

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AED 625 tax incl.


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Key Features:

3 positions of the portage with the PhysioCarrier

There are 3 positions possible with PhysioCarrier JPMBB Black Cotton - BLACK pocket Iris

- The portage on the belly (3-20 kg)

- The portage on the hips (3-20 kg

- The port on the back (6-20 kg)

The features of JPMBB

The carrier PhysioCarrier consists of :

- a shim header to the new-born babies (sold separately)

- a headrest in mesh,

- an elastic band is present on all the straps to store the excess,

- an opening of the apron,

- the padding on the shoulder straps and the waist belt.

The preformed PhysioCarrier JPMBB, an innovation

The side straps fit perfectly the apron to the morphology of your baby !

  • The side straps adjust simultaneously the height and the width of the deck.
  • For children of 10 months, they help with the bending of the knees.
  • They ensure a good distribution of the weight of your toddler.

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