Herobility-Anti-Colic Teats (2 Packs) Expand

Herobility-Anti-Colic Teats (2 Packs)

Herobility Herobility


Patent-pending and loved by babies
Based on studies of babies’ feeding habits, our Anti-Colic Teat makes feeding easier and safer. The unique, breast-like shape feels natural for the baby and encourages a wide-open latch.

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Before using Hero Teat, please make sure the slit in the air valves is open. Don't forget to clean your hands before handling!

Which Teat is the right one?
Our Anti-Colic Teat comes in five sizes. There’re some common signs that your baby might require a faster flow: Baby dozes off during feeding, sucks harder and faster on the nipple than before, stops and cries, or drinks less than previously. If your baby is choking or struggling with the bottle, the flow might be too fast. Note that it sometimes takes your baby a week or so to get used to a faster flow.

Eco Lifestyle with Herobility

We’ve decided to start making some of our new products with bioplastics made from corn starch. The corn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, which helps reduce global warming. Protein and fibers are separated from corn and husks and
transformed into bioplastic, which are quite a bit friendlier to our planet.


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