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Compact and light, the Super Nomade nightlight is perfectly suited for small hands. Intelligent, it turns on and off by itself depending on the ambient light. Like a grown up! Rechargeable, the Super Nomade nightlight can light up to 200 hours, or a month of tranquility, it is tireless! And to always have 

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AED 139

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The ultra long-lasting portable nightlight!

Key features:

  • Compact & Light - Super light (70g) and impact resistant, the Super Nomade nightlight is perfect for toddlers. Very soft and compact, ideal for moving around in the dark or hunting monsters!
  • Brightness sensor - The pilot light turns on and off by itself, gradually, depending on the light.
  • Record Autonomy - More than a month of soft light (200 hours) with a single charge!
  • Universal Charging - Charges with micro-USB, on the computer, tablet, or with a standard Smartphone-type adapter.


Easy bedtime

While the projections capture baby’s attention, the soft music helps him regain his calm and lulls baby to peaceful sleep and sweet dreams. These are real assets for the bedtime ritual.

Good sleep

The reassuring night lights help parents take care of Baby in the dark without dazzling him and gently get him used to the day / night rhythm. Later, they reassure the little ones at night.

Time for kids!

By following the instructions on the figurine (ON or OFF, wake up or asleep) your child learns time. Your child sleeps longer, and so do you!


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