Doodle bag: Spoon Attachment Box Expand

Doddle bag: Spoon Attachment Box

Doddle Bags Doddle Bags



If “be more efficient” is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, and you want to wean or feed on-the-go, our NEW Spoon Attachment Pack should be on your shopping list.

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AED 39

tax incl.

Spend AED 200 more and get Free Shipping!

The NEW Spoon Attachment Pack includes:

  • 2 spoons – clear, so you can see that they are clean
  • 1 DoddleCase – to keep your spoons safe and tidy
  • A pipe cleaner – to help keep your spoons clean

*Please note that this pack does not include Doddle Bags*

Doddle bags are basically clear plastic pouch that are conceptualize by an Architect mom which help her feed "on the go" her child.

Key features:

  • hygienic and safe

  • easy for small children to hold

  • visually appealing to adults and children

  • dishwasher and hot water safe

  • reusable and recyclable

  • freezer friendly


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