Sterntaler: Mini Musical Bear Bay Expand

Sterntaler: Musical Toy Donkey

Sterntaler Sterntaler



We at Sterntaler, see, hear and feel like children do. For we want to understand what touches children because they touch our inner selves. For generations and with all our heart.

Suitable for babies to use from birth

More details

AED 125

tax incl.


This Sterntaler musical toy plays soft melodies, which have a calming effect on the child. 

Materials info:

Outer fabric 1: 90% cotton, 10% polyester;
Outer fabric 2: 100% cotton

Care instructions

In order to maintain the hygiene of this product permanently, you should clean the product as required. Do not immerse in water, just wipe with a little detergent.

There is no age at which everything is experienced as incredibly intensely as in childhood. To remember it and to keep a piece of childhood in the everyday life of adulthood is a high art. To be a Star Taler means to have exactly this ability. So the enthusiasm for new ideas. The imagination to think yourself into new fantasy worlds. 


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