KIETLA - Sunglasses Rozz (2-4yrs) White Expand

KIETLA - Sunglasses Rozz (2-4yrs) White

Kietla Kietla



The RoZZ sunglasses are ideal for children between 1 and 4 years old. Their round shape will give your little ones a slightly retro look. Their hinge-free UNBREAKABLE frame is perfect for all activities and, because they're available in 2 sizes, they'll fit all faces for kids in this age group. The oversize category-3 lenses ensure optimum protection from sunlight.

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  • Unbreakable frame and lenses, perfectly designed for being handled by babies.
  • Zigzag technology means an all-in-one frame.
  • No hinges so no risk of getting caught in the hinges or swallowing small metal parts.
  • New soft, comfortable cord.


  • Category 3 polycarbonate lenses.
  • Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-UVC filter.
  • 3.1 cm-sized (1-2 years old) and 3.5 cm (2-4 years old) lenses to completely protect children's eyes.
  • Ki ET LA's extra: anti-blue-light filter to reduce glare.


Ergonomic, flexible, light, and soft shades. No pressure on temples or on the nose and no pressing against ears.


  • The recyclable frame (excluding lenses).
  • Reusable, recyclable cardboard case.

Our sun shade frames are all ultra-flexible, perfectly designed for being handled by even the tiniest hands. Our hats are fastened with savvy straps to keep them perfectly in place yet ensure kids are fully protected whilst offering them total freedom of movement. Our ever-so soft swimwear is easy to slip on and feels like second, ultra-protective skin. Our loose-fit terrycloth cape wraps kids up and warms them after a swim and ensures they’re perfectly UV-protected.

With Ki ET LA, kids can move, jump, run, swim, dance totally freely yet be perfectly protected… and super-styled!!!


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